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Sustainability can no longer be viewed as a cost of doing business, but as a way of doing business. Our responsibility to the environment focuses on areas where we can have the most impact:

Climate protection: Because our aim is to be carbon-neutral, we invest in technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and the document-management solutions that we offer to our customers.

Preserving biodiversity and the world’s forests: We work with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to support the development of a sustainable paper cycle through paper-sourcing guidelines, recycled paper offerings and services that decrease offices’ dependency on paper.

Preserving clean air and water: We strive to eliminate the use of persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic materials throughout the supply chain.

Preventing and managing waste: Our goal is to produce waste-free products in waste-free facilities to promote waste-free offices for our customers. Our proprietary solid ink printers generate 90% less waste than comparable laser printers.

Reduce Paper Consumption: Use as much as 50% less paper with automatic two-sided environmental printing and copying.

Responsible Materials:  Xerox advances your environmental printing initiatives by offering a wide variety of papers with up to 100% post-consumer waste.


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